Hollywoof to the Rescue was founded in 2012 by Rachel Lamb, and with the support of members Michael Sherman, Matthew McEwen, and Christina Bos, Hollywoof became a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization in April 2016.
Located in Los Angeles, Hollywoof is focused on fighting the epidemic of pet overpopulation by providing education, easily accessible resources, outreach and activism. Whereas most animal related nonprofit organizations are primarily rescue groups who save as many animals from the shelter or off the streets as possible, Hollywoof’s directive is unique and serves to fill a void that has yet to be filled; in other words, while most nonprofits are doing their best to clean up the problem, Hollywoof is seeking to fix the problem before it becomes one.
In order to reach the largest audience possible, Hollywoof is sustained by volunteers who live and work in the Hollywood community, specifically artists, actors, musicians and celebrities. Through our efforts, we believe it is possible to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of unwanted and homeless pets in not only Los Angeles, but across the nation.

It is our hope that the our message of responsible pet ownership, adoption, fostering and rescue will inspire people all over the world to join us and help fulfill our mission.




Programs within local communities and public school systems inside the City of Los Angeles, designed to bring awareness to the humane treatment of animals, what it means to be a responsible pet owner, and the importance of spay & neuter.


Provide accessible free spay and neuter services & vaccinations to all citizens regardless of income level, including assistance with any necessary medical care.


Actively going out into the underserved and homeless communities to offer immediate assistance and services.


Lead activism and lobbying efforts at all levels of government (local, state and federal) to pass into law mandatory spay & neuter regulations, anti-breeding initiatives, the cessation of pet stores selling animals from backyard breeders, and various other impactful legislation designed to reduce pet overpopulation and improve the welfare of animals.